road-renovation-image-04bIn considering ways to save costs for the community and improve the aesthetics of the subdivision streets, the CDD has contracted to have the internal streets treated with a pavement preservation product that is now available in Florida.  The product, HA5, has been used in other states for 18 years, and since it has successfully extended the life of many subdivision streets in those states, the CDD is excited to have some of their streets treated.

road-renovation-image-01The product will require drying/curing between 12 and 24 hours, depending on weather conditions, and the product cannot be applied in wet and/or cold conditions.  During the drying/curing period, vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic will not be allowed over the pavement, and it is critical that irrigation systems be turned off during the days that the product is being applied in your community.  In order to make the work as least inconvenient as possible, overnight parking will be available at the clubhouse with 24 hour/7 day a week shuttle van (ADA compliant and containing children’s car seats)/golf cart transportation made available to residents for safe access between home and parked vehicles.

The contractor applying the product, Whitaker Contracting Corporation, will be issuing notices to residents beginning Friday, January 26, which will provide details of each community work plan and contact information.  This site will continually be updated with additional information as it becomes available.  Check back often if your have questions.



For more information, please visit our Road Project FAQs page, email us at, or please contact the CDD Engineer, Stantec Consulting Services at (813) 223-9500 and ask for Tonja Stewart.

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The Meadow Pointe IV clubhouse parking lot at 3902 Meadow Pointe Boulevard has been treated with HA5 and is open for the public to observe, if residents are interested in seeing the finished product.