There are five publicly elected board members, who reside in Seven Oaks, who make up the Board of Supervisors. Board members are considered "Public Officers" and are governed by...

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As a matter of public record, visitors may navigate to this page to access many of our official CDD records.  Here, you may review our budgets, resolutions, district charter, and more...

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All meetings are open to the public, and are held at the Seven Oaks Clubhouse
Gathering Room located at 2910 Sports Core Circle, Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544.
Dates and times may be accessed...

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The Seven Oaks Community Development District (The District) is an independent special purpose unit of local government established pursuant to and governed by Chapter 190, Florida Statutes. The district encompasses roughly 2.75 square miles of land, and is home to over 3,500 people!

The District includes thousands of homes, several large businesses, apartment complexes, office parks, and at the center of the community, a 4.5 million dollar recreation center owned and operated by the District.

Exercising its powers as a local government, the District uses an operation and maintenance budget of approximately 3.5 million dollars per year to operate and maintain common areas, recreational facilities, public roadways, storm water management systems, street lighting, landscaping, public amenities and more. To finance the District’s budget and bond repayments, a non ad-valorum tax assessment is collected along with other property taxes each year.

The Seven Oaks Community Development District is governed by a five seat Board of Supervisors who all reside within Seven Oaks and are elected by voters residing in the community. Each Supervisor serves a four year term.

The District and Board Supervisors are governed by the “Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees" found in Chapter 112, Part III, Florida Statutes

The District’s Annual Financial Report can be viewed HERE